Friends #clapback

Friends. Yes friends. It is the most honest answer I can give. You are out of my league is what I’m trying to say. You are a good the best listener, you spoil me out of your own free will and anyway I paid you back , didn’t I? Remember the day you lacked fare and I gave you some. Remember the day you lost your bet and you came complaining to me. Remember the times I boosted your confidence so you would aproach the pretty girl. I mean what did you think this were? A test to your vibes game. You know too much and that is why we can’t. We sang along to all the songs that came to the radio and we are interested in the same almost everything. I asked for you help and you willingly helped me with my studies.

My eyes light up when I see you because we have some inside udaku to share. I mean who else can I tell about our dear miss wannabe and her little boy toy boyfriend. I hugged you a second too long because you give good hugs and I held your hand to show you something that was happening and you were missing. The moment I met you I knew we would be something more but you took too long to ask me out. Now we hang out with the same people and it is weird seeing you as anything different. My friend the one I will always cherish. There are fears of what will happen if things go south. What if we don’t workout. The years of friendship down the drain. It is not worth the risk. You are the person I need in my corner not my heart. The person I need when my heart is broken by the world out there. The person I will trash talk my exes with. I don’t want you to be the ex. I’m sorry you felt alone but that you have to deal with it. Don’t worry your girl is here and she will help you find the one. And for the times I’m vague and the signs are mixed up. You are among the people I cherish the most in my life and if that changes you enter another dimension. A place where today confess our love and tomorrow we can not stand each other. It is a scum. So yes you are special. But not in that direction.

It had to be said. I explained it in the simplest term possible because I read what you said and I’m sorry for putting you in that position.

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