Working Progress

Honestly, this year was given to us to reflect on how we relate to people. To play back all the memories of our interaction with our friends. Reflect, he is doing. He wanted to fit in. He wanted to live up to her expectation. He lied to himself first then to her. He faked his reality. He spend time with people he could not converse with. Small talk was all they could offer but he is deeper than that. So, he drunk to make those moments with those people memorable and at least worth an experience they could talk about when small talk was exhausted. Laugh, smile about those moments of utter stupidity people call ‘good times’. Ghafla bin vu Corona hit(COVID-19).

A breath of fresh air and solitude, he thought so at least. A time to listen to himself. To revisit his hobbies and find new positive ones. Gyming, music, movies, series, chauffeur, cooking, dancing, YouTube channel, masonry, errand boy, he tried it all. True to the saying, no one knows where the shoe pinches, but he who wears it. His hobbies are one thing reality is another. When you try everything, you get tired and feel frustrated. He decided to choose the uncomfortable situation he could compromise with. Little by little he discovered that he likes spending time with people with good vibes, i mean who does. After spending time with just people it makes a difference. He likes his own personal space where he listens to his mind and his music with no interruption. He likes working out. We all do. He is better now. He also knows the kind of girl he wants. Not the air heads with too much make up, false pretense of style and weird expectation, also not the wannabe virgin Mary’s with no make up and over sized clothes(this is an exaggeration).

he wants what we all want, a soulmate. A fine lass who can match his style. He puts a thought or two to the way he dresses. A girl who enjoys conversation and has an intellectual twist to life. No too deep to quote Shakespeare not shallow to not understand ‘i love you 3000’. A girl with a good sense of humour and who understands the concept of personal space. One who knows that being nosy and checking ones phone can lead to undesired heartache. A trust worthy girl who can be freaky and free. A natural solution finder. Someone he wont strain to have conversation with and whose compatibility goes on to the physical.

Even with being ambitious and anxious about the future, he believes he will make it. With or without her. Money, he know how to get the chums.Life is much more fun when we enjoy our own company anyway. The company of others is just a bonus. Cheers to the best of what life has to offer Jaja(i never call you that tho hahaha).

4 thoughts on “Working Progress

  1. Wow wow…..I am lost for words….this is just simply amazing!!! …I am really humbled….πŸ™
    Thank you for being there throughout my journey……still work in progress…..but I know brighter days are coming!😎
    I really appreciate having met you…such a beautiful soul….seeing our friendship bloom……and I love you to bits Cynthia……thank you!!
    You bring out the best in me….


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