What it is.

Past, present, future.
That was all i wanted, I'm sure.
But love was just a word you heard,
So you dragged me into your games,
Pulled me into your craze,
Then the time came,
With no more words to say,
Nor actions to relay,
Left me behind before i left you,
Left me behind to deal with the fact that my feelings and  part of me will always be with you,
That I'll never get back,
They call it memories,
Memories i knew would haunt me,
Can you really blame,
For calling men scam,
I gave you a chance to add some level of doubt,
I'm surrounded by don't cares,
You were to be the decent one,
I wrote words to convince myself that you were different,
I fitted a persona,
I wanted you to be the one I wanted you to be,
I'm perplexed not vexed,
The quest was over, the players lost, the gamer quit, it's real.

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