A poem

Hey guys and girls, it has been a while since I posted anything. Spend some time writing poems. Here is the first one . Enjoy and comment and ask questions.


Care to comment,

Words that torment,

How we covet,

What is not meant.

Care to share,

What we don’t dare,

Because we’ll left bare,

But that we can’t share,

Care to move,

But my butt groove,

Plus there’s no space,

What they mean it’s just hate.

Care to drink,

What they think,

That’s how to pick,

A cool chick.

Here we share,

Because we care,

And then we move,

For you to fit.


I mean we are going on strong. The jokes are personal. The signs I send are as clear as day. Why do you always back out in the last minute? I have moved mountains and walked through coal for you. Don’t you see that? I have carried your bag. I have bought you lunch . I have invited and paid for your movie experience. I have let you copy my work. I have tutored you. I took care of you when you were low. I soothe your pain away. I even became your punching bag and pillow when you needed me. Question is weren’t we still strong? Weren’t we almost at the finish line?

Maybe I overdid it. Maybe I made you feel too special. So you took it for granted. Maybe I made it a routine. Maybe you missed the signs. How could I fall so deep and you not even move an inch. How did I let myself fall for myself. How did I fall for my friend? Isn’t it a taboo to fall for your friend? Isn’t it an unspoken rule to maintain friendship the boundery can not be crossed? I mean the attraction was strong but the friendship chains were stronger .

It is all my fault. I should have made it clear from the first time we met. That I wanted more but that was a touchy subject. I had to warm your heart first. How would I have know that all this stime it was a stant to make my best friend jelous. You should have told me that we are just friends. Them may be I would have been there persuading my heart to not look at you that way anymore. That my dreams are not filled with the little things you do. To remind me that we are best friends. Friend zoned. A place I feel alone. A place I’m the first one you call but the last you say the words to. A place we do so much but so little together. Our little bubble that looks like it is all in my imagination.

I have questions. Why did you say yes to late night studies? Why did you give me that nice bracelet with a heart on it? Why did you insist on cleaning my wounds? Why we’re you up all night listening to my rant? Why did you encourage me. Why did you hold on to my arm for that long? Why do you give me very tight hugs? Why are you exited to see me walk towards you?

Aren’t this all the signs. Did I miss read them?

For a friend 😀

Listen and observe

Have you ever listened to someone and realized that every time you talk a certain topic always to comes up? What we say is largely determined by our experiences. Thing we have faced and what left a big impact in our lives. Our best and worst experiences and moments. This are the topics that find their way in our daily conversation. It is an automatic thing we don’t control. It may be our favourite bible verse, our parents stories, marriage, boy/girls, our icon, ourselves,politics and the list is endless. It is only a few who detect this .

Why does this happen? It happens when something has hit a raw nerve. A conversation can not end without talking about the person you like. This is because we think that others don’t pay attention to what we emphasis on and to repeat it is a way to assure ourselves that they have heared. We want to relive certain moments of our live that is why we talk about certain things so much.

My dad constantly reminds us about school and how school is important and how school is the key to a great honest life. This is because his brothers and sisters are misserable because the refused to go to school and have an education. He ensure that his children don’t end up like his brothers and sisters by mentioning the school topic so much.

My mum does not stop praising her college years. They always come up. Oh they went here, oh they saw this, ohh this room mate was funny, ohh that one was talented , ohh hokey was the game and on and on. It is something she can may not not talk about.

A friend will find a way to bring to life a certain bible verse during bible study and even in arguments. I think he feels like that is the message that was given to him and he would not stop until everyone knows about it. Then there is this other person who goes on and on about himself. I don’think they notice. My girlfriends never stop talking about hair and clothes and boys and food. Now they do because I pointed it out. It is good to have topics that interest you and that you can openly talk about them without any fear.

This is just an observation and I love observing people and things.

Connect the disconect

Social media has caused a certain connection that is disconnected. Though social media we are able to communicate with people who are very far away. And with many social media platforms the dictance gets even smaller thus the world becomes a global village. You may wonder why the disconnect. We too engrossed in who posted what or went where that we may miss what is actually happening.

There is a disconnection with real people. Many of us may find ourselves in groups/whatsapp groups of people we have a similarty with. Hidden behind the screen, emojis, letters and the send button we ‘chat’ with about half of the people in the group. We ask for their names, thier pictures, their study life/jobs and generally their likes and dislikes. This does not end there we send them memes, forwarded messages, how they have been, what they ate who and they ate it with. This is just but what we ask them and it becomes so reppetitive but we don’t care hey we are chatting. In this situation we feel so connected with this person so we can ask and type tell anything to them. We may not have a conversation but we converse. The disconnection begins when we see them face to face. We usually lack words because it seems we have said it all. The conversation rarely gets past the greating. The akward silence begins and once it lasts a millisecond too long we turn to our comfort zone. The place where akward silence is not common. Our phones. We text other people when we should be talking to. If it gets really bad we actually text the person next to us. So the ‘chatting’ continues we send emojis which exaggerate what we really feel.

Here is a personal experience. We have a class group that has 75+ students. In the group conversayion flows so smoothly it feels like we have known each other for a while. We share opinions, suggestions, jokes among othere things. When we get to class we cannot even say hi to the person who was the first to reply to our good morning text. The face to face connection is lost. The connection is so lost that in a family the members may not see each other yet they live in the same house. This abnormalness has become normal which is sad but anyway this is the age we are living in.

Social media is here to stay. No matter what good or damage it has done to us. The reality is that we make our own choices eveyday whether to be connected disconected or just be connected.

Don’t loose sight of who is important.

This is a message to everyone. We all want to succeed, be rich and happy and well respected. It is something we all can have. To succeed you work hard, to be rich you work hard, to be respected you earn it by working hard but being happy is a choice you make. Many times we feel like we don’t need people that our lives is ours and other people just waste our time. We feel like this other people don’t understand us. What is success when we have noone to share it with. When after a long day of hard work noone is there to ask about how the day was.

We are not willing to admit that sometime the reason why we do things is sonthet we can be with others who take away all the lonelyness we have inside. For example school, there days i really don’t want to go to school but i remember my friends are there and i want to spend time with them so i wake up and go to school. There are times inreally do’t feel like going to church but i remember that my friends are there and i would like to talk to them. I know my reasons for doing things are pointless and are to be questioned but at times dont we need people just to be around. Many musicians have sung about lovers who broke their hearts but not the people who helped them recover. They sing about how empty they feel inside because on person has left them but what about the people who encouraged them to move forward. Love is important and to feel loved comes from different areas and when we loose sight of the sources of love we are victims of lonelyness and depression and stress.

We should always appreciate the people who are arond us. They may sometimes be overwhelming but that is what makes them special and important to us.